CLP01 – Vision in Motor Control & the Constraints-led Approach to Motor Learning w/ Rob Gray

My guest today is Dr. Rob Gray, the associate professor and program chair of human engineering at Arizona State University. He’s also the host of my favorite show, the Perception & Action Podcast.

In this episode we talk about the role of vision in motor control and how you can harness the power of the Constraints-led Approach to Motor Learning to improve your martial arts training.

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  1. Mittwork…. I think a little error you’re making here is that Maittwork/Padwork isn’t really about reacting…sure some of it can be, but that can be replicated exactly on mitts…e.g. throwing an overhand right after oponent throws Jab….but often mitt work isn’t about reacting.

    1. Thanks for listening, Jim! Regarding mittwork, I have a skill acquisition PhD on a show releasing in a couple months who also thinks this is a problem too. Even if mittwork isn’t about reaction, combat sports *is* — so what are you training, and why are you isolating it from everything else? And even if it is just for replicating stuff you can’t safely train, you’re still getting the wrong stimulus regardless of if it’s meant for that or not. The human body doesn’t just do what your instructor wants it to.

      Talk soon!
      – Josh P.

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