Combat Learning is a unique podcast exploring the unexplored frontiers of skill acquisition, motor learning, sports science, and educational psychology applied specifically to combat sports and martial arts training.

But we’re not just about the science: we’re also interested in non-traditional, interesting, and weird training and coaching approaches that are working for martial arts instructors right now.

Combat Learning is an interview-based podcast where we talk to expert voices both inside and outside of the martial arts community.

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Your Host: Josh Peacock, M.Ed.

Josh (left) & friend of the show, Jestin (right)

Josh is a lifelong martial arts fanatic. With over 20 years in martial arts, he currently holds a 4th dan in taekwondo and a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu — and has some sort of experience in most styles widely available today. His love for teaching and learning martial arts led him to earn a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teaching & Learning to enhance his skills as both an instructor and learner.

After teaching martial arts for several years, and studying teaching & learning formally, Josh realized that most of martial arts training is based on unexamined traditions handed down from one instructor to another. The science of learning is rarely (almost never) talked about, tried, or applied to martial arts training in any way…despite research indicating many of these evidence-based methods can skyrocket performance improvement.

And so the Combat Learning Podcast was born.